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Ultrasonic Proximity Switch

What is a proximity switch and what is it used for? How do proximity switches work


A proximity switch is used to determine how close an object is, or the proximity of an object. The proximity of an object is determined by using certain means such as magnetic, electric, or optical. So these switches can be used to check the presence of an object. These switches are widely useful for many security processes. These switches can be used to check the motor rotation speed. Proximity switches can detect the approach of a metallic device part with the help of a magnetic or electromagnetic field. Normal proximity switches use a permanent magnet so it can create a sealed switch mechanism if an object’s mechanical part come close to it. There are certain types of proximity sensors that can act as a metallic detector and this type can be considered as the complex proximity switches. The complex proximity switches operate by energizing a coil of wire by using electric current, the magnitude of the current is monitored electronically. The monitoring section would trip if a metallic part gets close to the coil.


However, ultrasonic proximity switches are used in the automation field and these also contact-free sensors. These sensors are used for distance measurement, not only these devices can detect object but it can also measure the distance from the object to the device. This device is used whenever we need to measure distances through the air. This type of proximity switch is very reliable. The ultrasonic proximity switches transmit ultrasonic pulses. So these pulses would be reflected by the objects and these echoes are received by the proximity switch and distance is calculated. These devices can sense up to 10 meters


  • Level measurement and position detection
  • Limit detection and thickness measurement
  • Stack height measurement  


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