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OEM&ODM Policy

1. Longsun OEM& ODM Policy:


Longsun not only provides OEM manufacturing, but also offers ODM service, we are willing to work with the developers and engineers in the early phrases, to assist in creating new opportunities, our visions are for future long-term business relation, not only for short run profits, moreover, with our expertise and production experience, we provide practical solution to meet customer’s requirements and offer product protype in a short time, enabling new product to put into market at possible shortest time.

At Longsun, we also provide value-added service, acting as souring agent for acoustic product if our customers want to save additional souring cost and put few human resources into looking for qualified supplier. Our advantage is we are inside the acoustic industry and locally, more important, we have established good connection network, we know well which manufacturer or factory is good at what product. Thus, through us, you can save a lot time and money investing in flight trip, factory audit as well as product inspection.


Except above mentioned, as same as other factories, we do have after sales service and technical support at Longsun Acoustic.


2. New Product Research and Development Capability:


We follow processes: Protype--> Pilot/Pre-launch-->SOP for New product, details refer to below chart:


3. Customer feedback process mapping